September 25, 2020

Welcome to this week’s edition of the RoundUp.  This week,  Cardib, the American female rapper signs up as a content creator on Onlyfans;  Lagos State Government moves to tax audiovisual content creators and many more.  Thanks for always reading,  sharing and recommending.


  • Walmart is again perfecting its fight against Amazon with its latest partnership with Instacart, the grocery-delivery leader. The partnership although in its test phase, will see Instacart handle same-day delivery for Walmart in 4 markets across California and Oklahoma. Link


Why this is Important:  With this,  Walmart now had a solid offering against Amazon Prime product offering. For Instacart,  after a successful adoption, this could see it tighten its hold on grocery delivery seeing it already handles same for stores like Target and Costco.

In previous editions of the RoundUp,  we’ve tracked efforts by Walmart towards competing against Walmart like its partnership with Microsoft for its Cloud service and bundling some of its offerings like Prime.

  • Lagos State Video and Censors Board last week gave a month’s notice to audiovisual content producers to register their content and pay 5% levy on every content. According to the Secretary of the Board ‘the exercise will help the government in policy formulation, with the regard in planning and funding for the sector’. Link


Why this is Important:  The first concern is: how do we know with accuracy content produced in Lagos especially in the absence of notable landmarks like bridges?  Following this will be an exodus of visual content creators to other location-friendly states/regions. Won’t this slow down rate of creativity with the presence of gatekeepers?

  • Uber may be on its way out of the State of California, one of its largest markets within the US. This is following the passage of the AB5 legislation by the state’s legislature seeking to make  drivers on the platforms(Lyft & Uber)  workers with entitlements like minimum wage,  unemployment benefits and other employment perks such as overtime payments. Link


Why this is Important:  If this legislation stands,  it effectively mutates the Uber business model where drivers are gig and independent workers,  control their time and pickup corresponding risks.  This in turn exposes Uber to other financial risks which it had initially externalized.

For other states,  the successful implementation of the AB5 could see variants of this law passed in short time. For other  marketplaces,  they could see similar legislations seeking a change towards their operations and business model.

  • OnlyFans, the subscription-based marketplace for influencers, adult content creators now has top-rated American female rapper Cardib,  as a member. She has duly set her access rate at $4.99 a month. Link


Why this is Important:  After scoring a name mention by Beyonce on a track few months ago on a track,  Cardib’s announcement is another validation for the platform seeing it has empowered amateur porn artistes and creators especially in the wake of the current pandemic.

OnlyFans further takes away the stigma attached to soft pornography, by removing the friction in presenting and getting paid for it.

For other platforms like YouTube that pays users for content in some way,  OnlyFans may snatch some attention away from it, including Twitter.



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