September 25, 2020

Welcome to this week’s edition of the RoundUp.  In this edition: Uber goes Green;  Paystack launches Multiple Transactions Split;  Tiktok considers a Shutdown; Facebook sues Irish Regulator and OnlyFans confirms Tipping rules.


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  • On-demand ridehailing business Uber has released plans to go Green. By this,  it means that ‘ Uber is committing to become a fully zero-emission platform by 2040, with 100% of rides taking place in zero-emission vehicles, on public transit, or with micromobility. We’re also setting an earlier goal to have 100% of rides take place in electric vehicles (EVs) in US, Canadian, and European cities by 2030.’ In addition, it plans to invest $800m to make this transition to EV by its drivers work while investing in other multimodal means of mobility like scooters and bikes. Link


Why this is Important: With this ambitious announcement,  Uber has given the electric vehicles companies a boost as the future of safe and reliable mobility.  We should expect stock prices if these companies to rally in the coming days.  Although we do not know the EV company Uber intends to partner with to achieve this,  but we expect to see new entrants into the segment in the coming years beyond Tesla,  Nikola and Nio. Uber reportedly has 5 million drivers.

For the climate activists,  Uber has been endeared to them as a futuristic brand.  A going concern will be the status of drivers in markets without basic infrastructure to support EVs like in Africa.

  • Payment processor, Paystack, has launched a new feature for its users known as the Multiple Transactions Split. This allows its merchants segment and channel payments into different accounts,  according to the documentation.  Link


Why this is Important: Seeing Paystack has small businesses as majority of its customers and understanding quite well that most are bootstrapped and may not afford the services of an in-house accountant,  this makes it easier for these merchants to keep their books clean.  Following this will be the efficiency to file tax returns to the relevant authorities easily without incurring costs.


  • Apple has revised its guidelines for game streaming developers which includes submission of updates for reviews, exclusion of advertising in App Clip technology, a must use of in-app purchase to unlock  functionality and importantly,  games are to be presented on an individual basis. Link


Why this is Important:  From the wordings of the announcement,  Apple seems to have learnt from its fallout with Fortnite’s Epic Games over in-app purchases.  It however,  has not changed its position on the 30% in-app purchase commission. By also demanding app meet parental control requirements by these games,  Apple is here protecting its users are as a platform as some games are addictive.

  • China has expressed willingness to shutdown Tiktok instead of handing it over to the US government and its acquirers. Link


Why this is Important:  What this shows is a clear proxy fight between military and economic rivals with Tiktok being the unfortunate victim.  This has cost Tiktok talent (its CEO left after joining from Disney) and focus.

It also now confirms American regulators’ concerns about Tiktok being a data gathering tool by the Chinese Community Party (CCP). And in essence,  puts the company in a regulatory and public relations corner in the coming days.



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