October 25, 2020

Weekly RoundUp October 5-11

For the first time in over 6 months, you’ll not be reading the Weekly RoundUp this Monday morning. You’re not reading not because there is nothing to read but rather, I’m using this little platform to bring your attention to the ongoing protests by Nigerian youths against a ruthless, brutal and crude police unit called the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

To find a young person without a story of an encounter with these officers in Nigeria, is almost an impossibility. When you don’t find, you’ll find those that must have witnessed or with friends and siblings, that have. Parents have lost children; wives have lost husbands and children have lost parents to this ruthless unit.

Despite cosmetic announcements and press releases on either the Dissolution, Reorganization, Transfer and Reformation of this unit, the reality is different. Extortion, kidnap, threat of the use of violence and rape are but a few of their tools against innocent, hardworking young people in Nigeria.

In the past week, protests have raged across cities beyond party, ethnic, class and religious lines. The past few days have seen these lines that divide the youths blur in a quest to: #EndSARS, bring the members who have killed innocent persons to book, increase the salaries of the police force, psychologically evaluate before taking them back into the system and a panel of inquiry to look into these atrocities.

What you’re reading is a protest. It is also a right we are exercising. From analytics for this website, there are readers as far as Namibia and Asia. I’m hoping you know why the Nigerian youths are protesting. I’m hoping that within your circle, you let word go out on our campaign and quest to end police brutality and reform our police service.

You can support this protest by: joining us on the streets, donating money and items to provide food and care to the wounded, calling your contacts who have the means to help achieve our objectives and by tweeting and sharing on Social Media especially Twitter.

We count on your support at this critical time.

Thank you for always reading, sharing and recommending the Weekly RoundUp.

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