January 20, 2021

Welcome to this edition of the RoundUp.  In this edition,  Paystack continues to get better with its offerings,  this time,  to developers.  Nvidia surpasses Intel in value as a chipmaker. Twitter makes move to become a subscription business. Please read below why all these are important.

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  • In a long-running streak of product improvements,  Paystack,  Nigeria’s leading payment processor announced  the CLI.  CLI helps developers ‘to set up,  test and manage your Paystack integrations right from your terminal’ Link

Why this is Important :  Developers do not need to shuffle between code editor,  API Explorer,  Dashboard and other locations to run an integration test.  Having launched the Commerce feature,  this is a good move towards key players in the value chain —developers. Making Paystack easy to use for them should see more APIs integrated on the platform in the future.

  • After partnering with Microsoft on the use of its Cloud infrastructure, Walmart has now announced  another frontal attack by coming after Amazon Prime service, an important company offering. Walmart,  a large retailer is hoping to attract user for this new product by bundling the following perks in the package: unlimited same-day groceries delivery,  reserved delivery slots, petrol discount at Walmart gas stations,  premium/early access to product and so on. Link

Why this is Important:  This officially makes Walmart a square competition to Amazon.  With a sprawling network of physical stores and the Scan & Go feature,  shoppers may fancy this idea.  A strong buying power gives Walmart leverage to negotiate with manufacturers,  hence,  deeper discount.  Following this could be perks covering entertainment and even the mundane like funerals.

  • Twitter has subtly hinted it is launching a subscription platform codenamed Gryphon. It did this indirectly by putting out a job vacancy. This announcement saw its stock rise by 7.34%. Link.

Why this is Important: This is Twitter looking inward to mine value out of its platform. It is also a hedge against a falling advertising revenue across the economy as the pandemic lingers.  Users are slowly getting used to consuming paid content, this may be an attempt to get on the

trend by Twitter.

Finally,  it may be a tool to weed out trolls and others forms of abusers on the platform.


  • Nvidia, the chipmaker has briefly overtaken Intel as the most valuable company in its segment. Thanks to diversified efforts into other areas like autonomous vehicles, data centres and Artificial Intelligence. Link

Why this is Important:

This further loosens Intel’s grip on the chip market and heightens investors concerns about a further loss in value since Apple walked away to produce its chips in-house.


  • Coinbase has hired Paul Grewal, a former federal magistrate and deputy general council and VP at Facebook. Link

Why this is Important: As regulators focus and tighten their noose on cryptos,  Paul has the benefit of insights on both sides of the table.  He could tap into his rich career network to help out Coinbase when faced with regulatory hurdles.

In this edition of the RoundUp in May,  we showed the rich value Stuart Levy brought to Facebook’s Libra,  a digital currency consortium.


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