September 25, 2020

In response to the disruption of schools, Imaginarium Creative, one of Africa’s creative technology company has recently launched a social learning platform called Ultra, offering an intensive online summer program for kids aged 10+. Ultra summer is curated for pre-teens and teens to explore a diverse range of creative subjects like animation, illustration, design and to technical subjects like cybersecurity, programming and so much more. All courses are accessible anywhere, anytime on any smartphone, tablet and personal computer from July 30, 2020.


Pandemic and Changed Skills Demand

Online programs are not simply more screen time, but they provide kids with unique opportunities to create projects, investigate ideas, access new technologies and programming.  The global economic landscape is undergoing a seismic shift as the post-industrial economy of the last two decades is now stretched thin due to the COVID pandemic. While some skills are fast going into oblivion, skills such as creativity, innovative thinking, data literacy, robotics, coding and commitment to continuous learning are ranked high on the priority list.

However, kids in Nigeria are also faced with the problem of not being equipped to adapt to the new methods of learning online and this may result in the predominantly young Nigerian population left without the necessary skills to excel in the future workplace, creating long-term implications for post-COVID recovery.


Skills Upgrade at Affordable Rate

Ultra summer is an opportunity to equip your kids with the high priority skills and tools they will need to take ownership of their learning and future career opportunities in this next decade. With over ten courses designed to foster creativity and innovative thinking from 3D Animation to Game Design & Development, Music Production, Programming, Cybersecurity and Photography and so much more, Ultra-Summer offers the perfect mix of subjects and learning experiences for teens, at a one-time fee of N20, 000 covering all courses.

These courses will be available all year round and can be accessed anywhere in Nigeria, as long as you have a smart device and internet connection. All courses are structured and self-paced for easy, convenient learning.


All Ultra instructors are creators, educators, artists, and talented industry professionals who have a passion for teaching students new skills. Get your kids, siblings, friends, nieces and nephews aged 10 and above to write their first code, create an illustration, design a t-shirt and even learn to bake a cake on Ultra today. Start your kids here or mail



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