September 25, 2020

Humans, migrate.  It is believed we’re all settlers in one form or another.  Faster travel,  education and marriage are key reasons for migration and subsequent settlement.  For developing countries,  migration through education and skilled entry with immigration policies as ‘Green Card Lottery ‘ and special class visas like America’s H-1B working permit,  have become a lifeline for generational social mobility and source for foreign direct investment back to home countries.

For Tunde Omotoye,  a Nigeria-born and Canadian-based Certified Human Resource Professional,  seeing qualified and willing candidates especially from his home country get into Canada -legally- has always been a joy.

Having benefited from the opportunities the Canadian  system provided him via his  education, Tunde has  supported careers and upskilling efforts of his growing followership base with CV Reviews,  Course Recommendations and Basic Career tips in the past two years.

His Guide to Canada is an effort at explaining the knotty issues applicants face while trying to emigrate to the Maple Leaf country.  The World Education Services (WES) has in recent times, recognised him as an ambassador,  thereby,  giving credit to his work at encourging safe and legal immigration especially to Canada.


HumanSquad is a coming together of professionals in niche segments with core skills needed at preparing,  scaling through and smoothly settling in Canada.  With  cumulative years of experience in HR,  Immigration Consultancy, Advisory and Personal Audit;  the HumanSquad team is using technology to meet these needs at a swift speed while being competitively affordable.

With the knowledge that immigrants need some form of ‘handholding’ while preparing to and after settling in Canada, HumanSquad created the CareerWise initiative to bridge this gap.  It aims to foster ‘networking for immigrant professionals and will focus on Personal Development, Job Search, Immigration, Customer Experience, Innovation, Diversity and How Immigrants can leverage the Canadian labour market…’




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