July 14, 2020

The National Youth Service Corp was established in 1973  to foster nation building, integration and unity. Despite yielding results like inter-tribal marriages,  the scheme isn’t devoid of inherent setback like alienation due to far-flung remote postings and problems associated with navigation while accessing these locations.

Boots Mobile app aims to bridge this gap with the NYSC scheme. Founded by Kalu Uche Festus and Albert Jamie Yifeng Wu and launched in March 2020; both founders have complementary skills for their venture.  Kalu has an accounting degree from the University of Abuja with a business management experience while Albert is a Computer Science student at the Washington State University.

Its social media/GPS-enabled platform helps corp members search, locate and navigate their way through  cities of primary placement. Location sharing features provide real time update on the location of loved ones.

With an inbuilt chat feature and video sharing tools,  networking and experience share during the yearly exercise, become fun.  One thing on the mind of an average ‘corper’  is gainful employment,   Boots Mobile app has a job portal to access available job offers for its users.

Currently bootstrapped by two founders and with signs of growth going by the niche it serves,  it should be looked out for as it increases its use cases for ‘corpers’ with plans for extension to countries within Africa with National Service schemes.

You can get the app here on the Google PlayStore.




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  • This is a concept from a wise man, this program will possess the quality of a sage and zestful moments for the NYSC.
    In reciprocating, the wed will give graduate connection at it culmination